Don't Get Stuck In The Cold...

Most companies advertise a low price for their remote starters and then tell you that your vehicle requires additional parts.


At Ideal, we're as honest as they come,  the prices we list apply to the majority of vehicles without any additional costs. Vehicles that would typically cost more include: diesels, manual transmissions and some European cars.

*** European Vehicles including but not limited to Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen are subject to a surcharge because of their complexity. Manual Transmission and Diesel vehicles also require extra labor. Please call with any questions about these vehicles and to get a price


*Installed Pricing, (Includes Parts and Labor)




Bolt 1.png

Bolt 1

Flex 1

Bolt 2.png

bolt 2

  • 800' Max Range

  • 1-Way Remotes 

  • Water-Resistant Remotes

  • 1,000' Max Range

  • 1-Way Remotes

  • Water-Resistant Remotes

  • 3,000' Max Range

  • 2-Way LED Confirmation

  • Water-Resistant Remotes


Felx 2.png


Edge 2.png

Flex 2

Edge 2x

  • 3,000' Max Range

  • 2-Way LED Confirmation

  • Water-Resistant Remotes

  • 1-Mile Max Range

  • 2-Way LCD Confirmation

  • 2-Way Alarm Alerts

DroneMobile Smartphone Add-On

Smartphone Remote Start


Remote Start or Lock/Unlock your vehicle from anywhere using the DroneMobile app!

Your Car, Connected.

Track and view vehicle status remotely on a secure network.

$149.99 add-on